Affiliated to CBSE - No. CBSE/Aff/1230040-SL-00645-1213 School Code : 35307

ST Anthony's School

Imphal East, Manipur, India

Rules and Regulation for Hostel

Rules & Regulations For Hostel


  1.     Candidates must be personally introduced by one who will be responsible to the Warden/Authority for their conduct and fees.
  2.     Use of mobile phone, electronic goods, etc. are strictly prohibited. Such gadgets in the possessions of hostelers will be confiscated and will not be returned!
  3.     Every hostelers should take care of his/her valuable things and articles to avoid lost or damage. The hostel authority will not be responsible for their loss. They are not permitted to possess any sum of money and any expensive personal items like jewellery. However it can be deposited in their personal account.
  4.     Any sorts of celebration and presenting anything as a gift to the teachers and friends without the knowledge and prior information of the authority is strictly prohibited.
  5.     Candidates must have medical check-up before joining to the hostel and the certificate should be produced on admission to satisfy his/her health fitness.
  6.     Prompt medical care w ill be provided when required. If required parents/guardians will be informed for further treatment. Any medical expenses to be borne by the parents in case if he/she is taken to the hospital.


  1.     It is compulsory for all the hosteler to have a proper haircut.
  2.     Disobedience or bad conduct like indulging in narcotic drugs, alcohol use etc. justified dismissal.


  1.     Parents or Guardians are allowed to visit their wards only on 2nd Saturday.
  2.     Parents or Guardians have to come personally and meet the warden to take their wards and report back at the appointed time and date.
  3.     Parents or Guardians wishing to take their wards for any Special occasion must give prior information a minimum of two clear days notice to the Hostel Authority
  4.     Hostelers are allowed to meet only those visitors whose names have been advised/introduced by parents to the hostel.
  5.     Visitors are not permitted to meet any hostelers on weekdays. They may meet their wards between 07.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. only on 2nd Saturday.
  6.     In case of urgent matter, the visitor must obtain prior permission from the warden or Authority. They are not allowed to meet their wards during class or study
  7.     hours or enter the hostel without permission.
  8.     Visitors are advised not to let any other Boys or Girls use their mobile phones except their own wards while in the campus, under any circumstances.
  9.     Dropping of things for the ward will be accepted only twice on working days in School from 10.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.


  1. Fees will be charged for 12 months in an academic year to be paid on every second Saturday. Hostelers may be sent home if fees are not paid on time.


  1.     All hostelers are compulsory to speak in English only.
  2.     Light job like sweeping , gardening, keeping the premises clean will be performed to inculcate the value of dignity of labour.
  3.     Washing machines will be provided on requirement/twice in a week.


  1.     Two months prior notice should be given to leave the hostel before the completion of the session.
  2.     In case, if anyone leave the hostel in between the current year, his/her security deposit will be forfeited and six months fee to be paid.
  3.     In case of expulsion or leaving the hostel in between he/she shall not be allowed to attend school even as day scholar.


  1.     Playing games is compulsory for all the Hostellers during games hour. Short / Track Pant and Games Shoes/Sneaker
  2.     It is mandatory for everyone to bath after games.

Decision Making

  1. The Hostel Authority has the right to amend, modify, change the rules and regulations from time to time keeping the best interest of the students.


  1.     All types of game materials are provided
  2.     24 hour power back up, Boiled/Filtered drinking water, English spoken course, music elocution, well stock books in the library, term health check up etc.

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About US

The St. Anthony's School is a CBSE co-educational English medium school spread over 15 acres located nearby the Manipur High Court, New Secretariate and adjacent to STPI Mantripukhri. It is run by committed professional teachers under the overall control and guidance of The Board of Trustee, of the school whose members are drawn from the higher civil services,academics and other prominent individuals.

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Chingmeirong, Imphal East, Manipur, India.